Modern History

Current Events in Nyen Kai Ri

The Modern era in Nyen Kai Ri really starts with the discovery of the City of the Gods, E’aidi’i in 5660. Sixty years ago a young shepherd lost his sheep. The poor creature had fallen into the Toh Daer Sing gorge. Spontaneously the young man developed magic and used it to lower himself into the ravine to rescue the animal. However he found more then a lost sheep, he found a city built before the Battle of Heaven. He reported the find to his lord. It was explored only to find it contained a mine for one of the most precious items in the world – Da’ashi’a stones.

The find stones brought prosperity to Nyen Kai Ri. However such a find couldn’t be kept a secret long. So in 5671, the Bloodthorn Empire tried to take the city by force. Mai’amyr offered the aid of the sylvan peoples to rebel the goblins. The fae didn’t mind the stones in the hands of humans but the idea of the goblins having control of such powerful objects was intolerable. Unfortunately Mai’amyr was rebuffed unduly harshly. Angered and fearful that the humans were too stupid to protect such a valuable commodity, the elven general joined the fray. This three way war continues unabated to this day with no one side ever making substantial gains for long.

Plague tore through the coast in 5690. While all the cities along the coast were effected, none were as hard hit as Suh Him Mae. Over ninety percent of the population died. Those few who survived left the city. The area around Suh Him Mae is a ghost town: literally.

In 5696, Bim Myu Faif, perhaps the worst leader in Nyen Kai Ri’s history, came to the throne. Under his so called leadership both the Bloodthorn army and the sylvan army made substantial gains. Fortunately the generals were able to wrest control of the army back from the king and beat back the invaders. His policies at home were no better causing wide spread famine in much of the Deh Min flats. Two years after he came to the throne, it was discovered Faif was dying his young son’s hair white. The populace already outraged by his leadership used this as an excuse to remove him from the throne. His second cousin Paet Nyah Quila became the queen.

The sylvan peoples still under general Mai’amyr made a major offensive in 5701. Under her guidance they were able to take back the city of Jai’ae and sacked Reev Zat. However their gains were short lived as General Zees Hih Queq retook Jai’ae six months later. Since then the war on the Taishi’o front has become a gorilla conflict. The sylvan peoples use a variety of tactics to harass the area around Jai’ae but the humans and Halflings that have settled into the once elven city refuse to leave.

A few years later a new menace invaded from the Que Nu Hills. It’s uncertain why but suddenly the Thri-kreen left their hill homes to attack the Deh Min Flats. Tribes of these barbarian bug creatures swooped into areas killing and gorging themselves on the semi-nomadic peoples of the Flats. Over the next few years, the nomads slowly became wise to their attacks. They found ways to repeal the invaders. The Thri-Kreen continue to attack albeit at a much slower pace. While it seems logical to send a party of adventurers into the hills to find out why these barbarians have left, heroes are needed much more to fight the sylvan peoples and the goblins.

In 5708 the upper echelon of Nyen Kai Ri suffered another scandal. It was noticed that General Queq spent an inordinate amount of time in Jai’ae and often disappeared for days even weeks at a time. A young elf called Xai’iya discovered that the general had a dryad lover. After what could jokingly be called a trial, the general was beheaded. It is uncertain what became of the dryad. Rumors circulate amongst the population of Jai’ae that Queq was set up by the dryad as part of a plot by the Taishi’o. While most of Nyen Kai Ri discounts this, the Widow Xees Hih has offered 50 lbs of platinum, basically her entire fortune, for proof that her husband was set up.

The goblins made their most recent offensive in 5712. With a strong general in charge of the armies after Queq’s execution the Bloodthorn Empire was able to take the cities of Pen Xoh and Shiqua. They also attempted to take Joem Xai. However they were unable to succeed instead laying siege to the city. The situation remains unchanged to this day.

Four years ago in 5716, four volcanoes in the Ka’tute mountain range blew at the same time, with in a day or two of each other. The ash and lava buried the entrances of two major dwarven trading towns of Silverton and Minedeep. Queen Quila has made numerous inquiries have been made to the dwarves but they continue to

Today in 5720 things seem to be at a stand still. The war between the three kingdoms continues. No side is willing to discuss peace. However the priests of Kajanai, goddess of prophecy, warn that dark things loom on the horizon. Unless brave adventurers stand up to the coming evil all will be lost.

Modern History

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